The Brand

Kei (pronounced key) Collections offer key items for your little one’s wardrobe, each one designed with intent. Refined in look, practical in design, luxurious in feel.


About Us

Our range of collections was founded by a style conscious mother looking for pared-back clothing. Bored of the conventional baby pinks and blues and disappointed by the inability to find nude apparel, in 2018 while pregnant with her first child the concept originated. After extensive research and a child later, the brand was born.

Our aim is to create a capsule wardrobe for your little ones by offering key items in alternative colours that are both minimal in design and high in quality for those who want to invest in lasting but accessible luxury babywear.

Design Principles

At Kei Collections, we have adopted an ABC code. Each design is;
Aesthetic - using minimalism, our clothing is refined in look;
Basic - we create elevated staple pieces constructed through modern tailoring that is practical in design;
Clean - achieved by carefully selecting materials of the highest quality making our finish opulent and luxurious in feel.

We design our collections with parents to include each garment with attentively thought out features, please read each items description.


We are conscious about our carbon footprint and are sustainable as possible, creating with the future in mind. We hope this is reflected in the following;

Collection Releases - We are a slow brand meaning our pieces are not tied to the fashion calendar nor catwalk so are dateless.

Construct - Garments are crafted and are delivered in biodegradable materials. Where colour variance doesn’t matter, plant-based dyes are used.

Packaging/Delivery - We do not use plastic to deliver your goods and use as little paper as necessary. Garments will be received without hang tags and packaging inserts to reduce waste and we have also opted for paperless purchase notes.