Fabric Technology

What is lyocell?

Lyocell (brand name Tencel™) is a fairly new material of natural origin. Through sustainable forestry, wood pulp is extracted typically from harvested eucalyptus trees. Using an innovative yet short and simple ‘closed loop’ process (i.e. the solvent involved to breakdown the plant is used over and over again), fibres are formed into the elegant textile. Manufacturing lyocell has low environmental impact as toxic chemicals are not required, there are no harmful by-products and it uses much less water than its counterparts. Compared to other cellulose fibres, it is considered a sustainable choice as it is both biodegradable and compostable. 


Textile Characteristics 

The nature of lyocell allows your baby’s new clothing to have a number of superior properties. You’ll find it is; 

Lightweight making it not too heavy for the wearer, all whilst not compromising on the garments strength.  

Silky and smooth in feel with a slight sheen. This causes it to drape well and not easily wrinkle.

Absorbent as the small fibres are hydrophilic (loves water) it wicks moisture away from the body. This helps to prevent a damp feeling which is beneficial for dribbling babies. 

Breathable due to its excellent temperature regulation ability so is perfect for both summer and winter. This also helps create an antibacterial effect that results in a perfect fabric for those with skin sensitivity or prone to irritation. 

Elastic offering both strength and stretch making it highly durable.


Lyocell vs Cotton 

What makes our signature fabric the better choice than the standard, go to material cotton?

  • The most obvious advantage can be discovered on touch. Our garments are noticeably silkier than others you may have in your little one’s wardrobe.  This is because cotton tends to scratch.
  • During production it requires 50% the amount of the water cotton needs.
  • It does not require the use of pesticides as it is not prone to parasites and diseases like cotton.
  • It can absorb 50% more than cotton so is fresher and more hygienic.
We have printed care symbols inside your new garment but here’s a reminder of what they mean and how to take care of your collection piece(s);
Machine wash at 30. 
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry. 
Due to the nature of the textile, your garment should not require ironing. Avoid doing so and only opt for low temperatures.
Do not dry clean.